Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hair Sugar is Getting Remodeled

Hi Sweet Friends,

The boutique is getting remodeled and the main store will be opened pretty soon. I'll keep you posted on specifics. Here is a sneak peek inside:

The designer is awesome and she shares the same love for everything cute and girly. I definitely consider her a friend of mine so it's not work at all. Fun girly fun!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes we Did!

I am overjoyed with my country and the type of change we made last night. Congrats to President Barack Obama. I look forward to the change ahead!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Curl your Weave While Sleeping!

So you got this fly new weave install. It's curled perfectly...but now it's time to go to bed. What in the world are you going to do? For some of us, wrapping your weave is just a task that is not worth it so if you want to maintain your curls just roll your hair on flexirods! They are much softer to sleep on then regular plastic rollers and they work really fast. Sometimes I use them when I am getting ready to go out. I'll curl my hair first, then put in the flexirods and shower and apply my makeup. Flexirods really are a time saver. Some friends of mine use them and then wrap their hair after to give it some body. They are flexibile like their name!

How to use them:

  1. Part your curled hair in 4 sections ( I use about 2-3 flexirods per section)
  2. Roll your hair in a spiral the same direction your curls form
  3. Bend the flexirods, so the ends cross over each other, to secure them in place (this part can be tricky so you may have to play around with it a bit).
  4. Continue this for each section. The more flexirods you use, the curlier your hair will be.
  5. Use either a satin scarf or bonnet to put over your hair and flexirods so you can sleep, shower, etc.
  6. When you take out your flexirods, try to take them out in a spiral motion.
  7. Run your fingers through the curls to separate them some and go!
Optional tip: Sometimes I use a brush and brush my curls out for a very lose wave. Flexirods work great!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

How to Color Your Extensions

I found this great tutorial on how to color your hair extensions (before you have them installed). Make sure you read through the entire forum to see all the advice Stefani Diamond offers on coloring your own extensions. Having your extensions colored and highlighted can make it look more natural and add some pizazz to your hair. Stefanie also says that having your hair colored perfectly can eliminate the need for wearing so much makeup so check it out! You should always practice first on some extra hair that you had not planned on using before you try on the extensions you will have installed. If you get it just right you can save yourself some money on having your extensions colored professionally. As always, I recommend a professional if you just don't have the patience or don't want to spend time learning or practicing how to do this yourself. Enjoy!

Read the Hair Coloring Tutorial

So here is a follow up post. I tested this tutorial out myself on some test hair that I had laying around. The original hair color was pretty dark, somewhere between a 1(jet black) and 1b (off black). I used the L'Oreal Feria Bleach Blonding, Lightening Kit 200 for the highlights and L'Oreal Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Colour 3x Highlights, Permanent, Bronze Shimmer 58 for the brown color underneath. The key to this, which I just learned, is to use the bleach to lighten the base color a few shades. I left it on for about 5-10 minutes. Next I rinsed the bleach and put the brown all over color on top. The base is really pretty because it has different tones of brown that look natural. For the highlights I used my rat-tail comb to weave a few strands out, placed them on foil and then used just the bleach on those strands. I left that bleach on the longest...almost an hour (I don't think the developer in the bleach kit is that strong).

I was pretty nervous about trying this at first but that tutorial help
ed SO MUCH. Using bleach, you can watch the dark color lift through the stages of reddish brown to blondes. I also had some honey blond color on hand just in case the bleach turned the hair white. The key to remember is to be patient and don't worry about being perfect. Your hair color should look like the sun did most of the work so don't be afriad to have some uneven lightening and highlights. Also remember to get vivrant all over color like the brown I used, using bleach first for just a few minutes made that brown color really pop! Remember to treat your extensions as if it were your own so you must must must CONDITION CONDITION CONDITION. I will always color my own weaves now!! Woohoo!

Let me know what you think!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Inside the Sweet Boutique!

Hair Sugar now has a YouTube channel! Turn your YouTube station to our channel to get tips and live commentary on anything hair weave related. Subscribe and enjoy the show.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Solange Performing Live on Today's Tyra Banks Show!

Solange Knowles performed today on the Tyra Banks Show and um that hair was So-lovely! Check out the video below.

Tyra's hair was gorgeous too! First, I just LOVE the dark color on Mizz Knowles. It goes great with her complexion and gives her a more grown and sexy look. The ringlets work well for her too and she can go from a more tamed curly look to a more Tina-Turneresque wild look. One thing to note about curly hair with weave is this: THE GREASY JERRY CURL LOOK ISN'T CUTE! Solange is well aware of this with her look. Those sassy ringlets are not wet at all and are extremely shiny. When wearing curly hair it's important to keep your extensions conditioned and soft. Using products with frizz control help a lot.

Fun Curly Hair Tip

For a wilder look like Solange's below, wash your hair, let it air dry then comb out the curls with a wide tooth comb. Next, take a large barreled curling iron and put some big ringlets in your hair and fluff it out with your fingers when done. Bam! Wild Child hair! The curls will hold better like this because the extensions are naturally curly so the curls lock in place.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Remembering the Towers

Hair Sugar would like to take a moment of silence to remember the Twin Towers today on September 11th.